Envato Elements vs Graphicriver

which is more profitable envato elements or graphicriver ?

No way to know until you have your content on both. My exclusive account made considerably less on Elements compared to VideoHive, and my non-exclusive account made considerably more… so it really depends on the content so you won’t know for certain until you have content on both. I personally feel that if you have content that people need to use a lot of in a short period of time… you’ll do a lot better than those with lots of items that aren’t really used that much. I.e. somebody might need hundreds of graphics/icons for a presentation/video etc, but they’re highly unlikely to require hundreds of fonts for a presentation/video. Is that makes sense?!

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hi, I am wandering why u are asking such a question to yourself … at this stage , u have 50 items and a 277 sales, in other words, a bit more than 5 sales / item and u have joined more than 2 years ago. For me, this looks crystal clear that if u got accepted in “elements”, the place will be much more profitable for you than the traditional marketplace … not to mention the kind of item that u are selling is very likely to be the sort of products that subscribers there may be looking for and download