Envato Elements - Videos

Just signed up to Envato Elements but the Video section does not seem to be working for me:

Does anybody else have this issue? Not much point having the subscription if no content … :confused:


me too!
what happened?

Hi @siki1982 and @stcobiz

may be you are in the wrong url or searching tag not match. You can try to check here:

Just use the top search to find any items, you can select category and press search icon.


:rofl: you did manage to make me giggle. I do understand there are newbies around, but yes I did try everything this morning when I needed the access the a video urgently. However, did not work as tried different PC’s and also browsers etc. The reason sending the screen-shot was to solidify that there ‘was’ and issues … as when checking now it seems to be working correctly. :slight_smile:

Closing ticket - would be nice not to have downtime or just having a holding page whilst updates are performed so it doesn’t confuse users :wink:

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