Envato elements usage for ads, youtube etc. limitations?

Hi Everyone,

I’m not sure how can I use the envato elements under a subscription, so avoiding any issues, I ask first.

  1. Can I use stock videos, templates, music for advertising? (Instagram, facebook etc.?) Not merchandising, only online ads content.

1.1 If yes, how can I prove that I’m not using that particular element anymore? Everybody knows, ads are short campaign, so I would use them for few days.

  1. If I download a landing page template for these ads, then I will kill the entire adset and landing page as well, do I need to prove that somehow?

2.1 If I want to use a template for blogging purposes, I setup the site, it’s live, I’m using it, but in the meantime, my subscription is over. Do I need to kill the site, or I can keep it?

  1. If I use elements in youtube video, my subscription is over, but my video still available. It’s against the policy or not?

I would buy one year subscription, but this business model makes me confused and I want to play fair! But there is a possibity when I do not have more time to create new content, but I want to use existing ones… Thanks guys!


Yes you can use audio,video, landing page etc for your ads.
For more info:
You can get idea about your question answer from these license details

hope helped!

Hey @brobee! Welcome to the forums.

As stated above, all the usages you mention are covered. Just keep in mind YOU CAN NOT use music downloaded from Elements in any broadcasted (radio, TV, etc.) project. You will need a single extended license in that case.

Cheers and best of luck with your projects! :slight_smile:

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Hi @brobee - welcome to the Envato forums :slight_smile:

Q1: Yes, online ads should be fine. You’ll just need to register a license for each add, which you can do from your downloads page - that ensures that the authors are credited fairly for use of their items.

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 11.47.22 am

Q2: Elements items just need to be used (and licensed) while your subscription is active. If you download and license a landing page template, you can keep using that page after your subscription ends - you just won’t be able to use that template to build a new site, unless you have an active subscription.

Q3: If the video is published while your subscription is active, that’s fine - the “end product” (i.e. your video) has been published by that stage, so there are no issues with keeping it online.

On the YouTube side of things, note that the Elements license doesn’t have a “series” clause like you might have seen on VideoHive (allowing multiple videos to use the same VH item license, with a few restrictions). On Elements, you’ll need to add a license for each video you publish.

Hope that helps! It sounds like all your example use cases are fine :slight_smile:

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