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Hello Everyone, we are subscribed to Envato Elements. We downloaded the theme Yokoo (https://elements.envato.com/yokoo-FNSQSS9). We understand that Envato Elements doesn’t provide purchase code however, this theme has an options to enter Envato Elements Token I assume for activation. But it prompts invalid using the personal token I generated in Envato API ( assuming I’m doing it right). I reach out the theme developer. They said that the token is generated incorrectly. According to them it has to be displayed like Envato purchase code. No further response from them.

Any suggestion for solution? I really wanted to import demo data then start my build from there.

Hello, I think you need a purchase code from Themeforest: https://themeforest.net/item/yokoo-bike-shop-rental-wordpress-theme/26465133. Most likely, there will be a demo version of the product on Elements, and if you buy a full one, there will be a purchase code. It’s weird that the seller didn’t explain it.

We wouldn’t be able to comment on how individual authors manage demo content etc. (some Elements items do not actually include that) but tokens do not exist for Elements items as this would provide updates etc, that are not included with the Elements downloads, and connect with the marketplace downloads where Elements items do not reside.

I jump into the same conclusion as well. I don’t know why, he could just tell me directly that you need the purchase code from theme forest. Thanks for the response Danny.

That is true, since elements does’t include supports and etc. of themes as they have mentioned from their policy. Any thought why the theme does have that option to add the Envato Elements Token as shown from my screenshot? What would be the purpose of that.

what screenshot? can you repost that?

Oh sorry, I think I missed attaching the image.

Unfortunately I think it’s an error - there’s no way you can get tokens for support and updates (as it says at the top).

It might be worth sending to Envato Elements Help and Support as that does not seem right and they can check it

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Thank you very much for the advice Charlie.


It is true that elements items not come with author support and auto update features. I don’t know why in your screenshot asking for elelments token but you can follow the bellow process to get one.

go to your envato elements account Settings page there you will find ‘License’ box where you will find ‘Enter License Code’ click on that button. It will open a popup where you will need to enter your token to verify your susbscription.

in the popup (Verify your Envato Elements Subscription) there is a link (bottom of the field) “Follow this link to generate a new envato elements token”. So, it is only elements side (for using only in envato elements subscribed account) token and it will not work at your customer side. This token can use to verify elements subscription and only can use in subscribed account in envato elements.