Envato Elements Subscrition Refund

Today I have reported through the ticket an annual subscription payment to Envato Elements through an old inactive account of mine (i.e. the one I am writing from) but I did not authorize it. I believe someone is aware of my Envato and Paypal credentials. I would like to know how the refund works, and what I can expect from the staff.

5pm update: paypal, to my great surprise, totally refused the refund request without checking access attempts in any way. I am quite worried about it and I would simply like to get the money back without having to report the parties involved to the police. Thank you.

Ticket: 1881184

The subscription renew automatically unless it has been cancelled which is probably how it happened.

Do not download anything and then assuming that you submitted the ticket to envato elements support Envato Elements Help and Support then they will do their best to help.

Please be aware that responses are not necessarily the same day especially on weekends. They will reply ASAP

Disputing things with PayPal etc can actually delay matters.

You’re right, but unfortunately my previous subscription plan was monthly, so in any case there was a manipulation of my account.
Also, previously, after the expiry of the previous license, I had already noticed movements of downloads external to my computer, but I did not think that those who performed them were in possession of my bank details.

In any case, before I blocked the credit card and a few seconds before I processed the report request, a movement had already been made on the account.

The Paypal dispute has already been closed for reasons unclear to me (I don’t think that in such a short time on a public holiday it is possible to actually analyze the movements).