Envato Elements Subscription

Hi guys… I just purchased an annual subscription to what I thought was Envato Market. I was trying to purchase an asset through my Envato Market account but was redirected to purchase a membership. I went through the process of purchasing a subscription assuming this is the only way to purchase assets moving forward and not realizing that not all Market assets are available and that my collections and favorites would not be linked… when I researched further, I figured out that there is a difference between Envato Market & Envato Elements. The prompt to purchase a subscription is very misleading including the pricing structure (I saw a subscription price for individual, but then when I went to purchase, the smallest account available was for 2 members). I am just trying to complete a project but after going through the subscription process, I am very frustrated and discouraged, as I did not receive what I thought I purchased. Due to timing, I went ahead and purchased the asset I needed through Envato Market. I would appreciate a refund on my annual subscription purchase now that I know what I am actually getting. I would appreciate a response ASAP, so I know how to proceed.


Don’t download anything from elements and chat to support who should be able to help Envato Elements Help and Support