Envato Elements Site Template Zukahost by themesflat with issues on template and plugins

Hi all,

We installed the theme Zukahost by themesflat from Envato Elements of which we’re subscribers.

We’ve installed this theme as it looked nice for a project.
After install and setting up the website (creating a few pages), we created the Blog page by importing the template.
Then we proceeded to Appearance > Customise > Homepage Settings and set this newly created page as “Posts page”. As soon as we do so, and proceed to visit the mentioned page, it appears without styles, and the header and footer show unformatted.

This is how it should look: blog-page-original — ImgBB
This is how it looks after: blog-page-after — ImgBB

Please notice the elements on the header and footer, the links and the button, that lose their styles.

So we disregarded this situation and proceeded to create other elements on the website. One of these elements was the “privacy policy”, which is asked by Wordpress. So after creating the page and its contents, we proceeded to see how it looked.
Again, it showed the same issues than before. By choosing the newly created page as the “Privacy Policy page”, it loses the styles. If we select any other page, the other page loses styles, while its set as such. privacy-policy-page — ImgBB

So we had this issue of pages showing wrong when assigned to Wordpress functions. I must say it was the first time we used site templates instead of themes so I’m unsure if we were missing something here.

Anyway we sent an email to the theme developer on the past 21st of April about this, I haven’t received word as of yet, which we found very disappointing.

Today, the 26th of April, there was an update available for the plugin “Themesflat Addons for Elementor” (which has componentes required by the template, and includes the Header and Footer) so we proceeded to update the plugin.

Since then, we cannot edit any page with Elementor, as Elementor Page Builder will not load. We had to enable Safe Mode on Elementor, and only after disabling this plugin the Elementor Page Builder started working normally again.

We are finding a bit frustrating as after all this time we haven’t even received a simple reply to our email, which is very disappointing. With time we’ve been finding the feedback system of Elements for such issues insufficient as well, as for example this last issue of the plugin update breaking Elementor functionality we should be able to report this issue somehow, however there’s no simple procedure.

Anyone has any suggestion? Thank you.

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After posting on the theme product page at themeforest the developer started replying and since has fixed the issue.

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