Envato Elements or Viddyoze for side gig?

I have a full time job being a teacher but I would like to dabble in making some easy short video ads to sell or other easy video intros etc as a side gig. Not wanting to live off it, just do it for fun and if I can make some money then that would be a bonus as I learn.

Looked at subscribing to Envato Elements but also found Viddyoze. Anybody have any advice on this? Which one would be more suitable?

Thanks, I would appreciate any tips you can give me!


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Any replies??

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To be clear I don’t use either of these for creating videos but you need to be clear on a) your level of expertise and b) how you want to operate

Viddyoze, whilst easy to use seems to get quite mixed feedback esp. around customer services (Google it) and is restricted at basic level without the bigger subscriptions.

If your technical skills are better then elements has much higher end and grown up level content and items available but you need to understand that you must be subscribed when creating new projects, must license assets for each video, and cannot ‘stockpile’ assets for future use.