Envato Elements - Music Playback super slow!

yes me too for the last two yrs already its been constantly slow for me and my colleagues.

At this point you wonder if they’re doing it on purpose so users cannot DL as much.

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@steve_lam, could you look into this?

Thanks, I’ll pass the feedback onto the team!

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Thanks, Can you let us know when these problems are fixed?

Hi people.

Me too. I have a fiber stable connection of 1 Gpbs and preview are horrible…

Team pls review the platform.


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Same issue!

How is it even possible to find music this way… i can only hear a song for 2 seconds, then it will just stop playing and starts to buffer forever without any result @envato is there any fix for this problem?

Me too unable to preview music make me frustrated seriously nobody fix this issue ??!! it been a year now

same thing here…I have to rely on Artlist because of this problem on envato…at least on Artlist I can properly listen to songs previews

Hi @vmgireland I am facing the same issue. Even the download the preview is super slow However my internet speed is stable.

Same for me!

Still the same problem. Seriously if this is not fixed I won’t think twice before switching to another platform.

It’s really bad. It used to be decent but something seems to have changed recently. This may make me consider jumping ship to Adobe or Getty.

Have the same issue. I have to download the songs to actually listen to them. Extremely frustrating.

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Dic 2021 Same issue… and no solutions. Buffering is a disaster.

Same issue. Also with video previews.

Hi I can see you discuss it like since a year now, and nothing changed? I have the same problem, with stable 1Gb fiber. Hey @Envato is there anybody? I will definetely not buy another subsription unless you fix it. I am like sittin an hour now, and couldn’t listen to a single song. SERIOUSLY???


Hi everyone!

The team has implemented a fix for this issue as of this morning. Can you give it another try and see if your playback problems are resolved?

If not, let the team know here:

Pretty sad nothing has been done about this, it has been an ongoing issue for at least 2 years! I’ve got the newest MacBook pro with an excellent internet connection and have NO other issues across other apps and websites I use besides Envato. The previews start off fine, then after a few they slow down dramatically, and then nothing will load. Even after closing the browser and refreshing the page multiple times. They claim their library of elements will speed up your production but with the preview times you could custom-make these elements faster! I recommend checking out MonsterOne to anyone with this same issue, I don’t think the Envato team is going to do anything to fix this preview problem.

I’ve opened a ticket last year around this subject, and nothing happened, I’ll keep my subscription for this year as I paid in full but I’m 100% sure that I won’t be renewing if they don’t fix it, such a shame for this poor management provided, every other website works with no issue…