Envato Elements music on Spotify podcast?

can music from envato elements be used in podcast (available on Spotify, Apple/Google Podcasts etc.)? I am asking cause:

  • Envato Elements licence states music can’t be used for “broadcasting”;
  • from the other hand everywhere on the internet Envato is promoting itzself as a good place for a podcast music 10 Best Podcast Music Tracks - YouTube;
  • is podcast on Spotify considered as “broadcasting”? I know it is not “live” as traditional radio, but I read here on forum, that recently support recommends buying “Broadcasting” licences for audiojungle music used for Spotify podcasts.


I am wondering the same thing. So, if I make a podcast, I just cannot put it on Spotify if I get a standard license?

I asked support and they told me yesterday I can use music from Envato Elements in podcast available on Spotify.

Audio Tracks sourced from Envato Elements can be used as background music for your podcast.

The end product can be uploaded to Spotify for listening.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Thinesh P