Envato Elements multiple yearly charges and refund

This morning, I received numerous charges on my credit card from Envato for the annual subscription (i.e. multiple charges of $228! Totalling to almost $700). Please cancel this asap and refund all the transactions. I already called my bank and they advised to contact Envato first (which I did with no response) before escalating this to the claims department. My ticket number is 1115385.

Note that I have purchased stuff in the past but this is my first negative experience. I have been reading the comments saying that the service is incredibly misleading and I would have to agree. This service does not provide me much value as many of the themes and assets are not included even though it is marketed as though it does. I’m really disappointed here and I am hopeful that I do not have to escalate this further.

Evidence of the multiple charges are in the image attached:

Correction. The charges are almost $1000! (228*4)


The Elements Support team will definitely take care of you. I’ve marked your ticket as urgent so they will hopefully work on it as soon as they can.



Thanks. Like I mentioned, this is my first negative experience and I’m hoping it’s just a minor glitch in the matrix. And as you can imagine, I rather not purchase anything else until this is resolved.


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Totally understand and it’s certainly a glitch in the matrix :smiley: