Envato Elements Linceses

So I mainly wanted to make use of Envato Elements for personal projects, just to practice and stuff. But now I’m looking into helping local businesses.

When I purchase products on the normal markets, I can find my license easily. With elements I can’t. I was wondering if there is something you need to transfer with the end product if you sell a customized product.

For example: If you create a website for a client. You have used some images, the template and it’s all set. How do you transfer the license(s) to the client?


Hello, I think it is like on the regular market - you can buy some template and you can modify it as you need for your customer and just sell it for him. What you can’t do is resell this item on other markets.

but your question is very good and should be answered by someone from envato team maybe, I am elements author but I didn’t read licence terms, I just readed author terms and quidelines, so will be happy to know the opinion from envato :slight_smile: