Envato Elements Licensing questions

I have 2 questions about the Envato Elements license…

  1. If you use an element in an end product for a client, are you required to give them a sublicense, or is it not necessary? If this is the case, every job you give to a client you have to give them a sublicense from Envato Elements? That would be cumbersome.

  2. I saw a review for Elements claiming that you can’t copyright the end product if an Envato Element has been used in it. This doesn’t really make sense as a stock item is just one aspect of a design, and I couldn’t find anything in the license so just wondering about that.

I know you can’t claim ownership and copyright/trademark the stock element itself as that would obviously mean it’s no longer stock, but I thought stock items did not prohibit you from claiming ownership and copyright over the end product they’re used in. Just clarifying this as I’m starting to think this reviewer meant trademark and not copyright…but they’re 2 completely different things.

For example, a graphic designer using a stock element in a design would still have ownership of that total design, just not of any stock element that was used. But the completed piece is owned by the designer.