Envato Elements - Fragmentum - Digital Breaking Photoshop Action


I’m working on " Fragmentum - Digital Breaking Photoshop Action" and I followed the instructions in the text file but didn’t quite get the effect as in the photos so wondering if there is more details instructions on the below step:

  1. With the “mask” layer selected, brush (use any color) onto the area of photo that you want to FRAGMENTUM.

Also when I run the action script it is showing boxes for me to click ok, yes, etc. can I run it in away where I don’t need to press anything and the script runs the steps continuously?


From my understanding using Photoshop actions, you should create a layer called “mask”, and then use the brush tool with a standard round brush, paint over the areas you want the effect to apply to, then with the “mask” layer selected play the action.

Many actions use dialogue boxes to improve the customization and usability of them, this is normally done intentionally by the author. I don’t think it’s possible to turn them off without affecting the actions performance.