Envato Elements: Filter out music with P.R.O partnership?

Hello guys!

I haven’t found an answer to this question in the help pages, which is why I am asking you: Does anybody know a search parameter or specific URL suffix I can use in Envato Elements to filter out music that has a P.R.O. partnership? (= show only music without P.R.O. contract and at best also without Youtube content ID)

(There is a checkbox in the search to show music that includes P.R.O., which is in my opinion not very useful, becuase why should you sort out music that you don’t need to pay a license for? :smiley: In this case a URL suffix “/properties-includes-pro” is added.)

Does anybody know a trick?

Thanks a lot and stay healthy everyone!


Hello Kurt,

I don’t think there is such an option, though I’m not familiar with Elements. But, if there is a checkbox to include PRO music, doesn’t that mean that if it’s unchecked, then PRO music is not included?

Anyway, in the majority of situations, the fact that the music is PRO affiliated has no impact on you the buyer. Performance royalties are paid by the broadcasters (TV channels, Youtube,…), or venue owners/event organizers if the music is performed in a live context. So, unless you’re also one of these, you don’t have to worry about PROs. Of course, as different PROs have different policies, you may want to double-check with them. Professional authors with high-quality music tend to be PRO affiliated, thus by filtering PRO music out, you’ll miss out on the best music available.

Regarding ContentID, which is the industry standard, it is much safer to go with music that is registered indeed. Music that is not registered by the author is very often targeted by fraudsters who register it in their name, making it impossible for you to lift the ensuing copyright claim. It’s always best to go with music from responsible and professional authors, that is both ContentID registered and PRO affiliated.

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Hi PurpleFog,

thanks for your reply!

When this box is unchecked, then music that includes PRO and also music without PRO is shown. So its basically everything in the catalogue then.

Until now I tried to avoid using PRO music and music that has a content ID because I want to avoid that my clients get their videos blocked in the first place and then have to contact me for the license document.

What would be interesting is, have you every experienced such a case yet, esp. on Youtube? And how does it work with the content ID, will it be unblocked fast when you hand in the envato license document?

In that case, I don’t understand what checking that box actually does.

Whether the music is PRO affiliated or not has no impact in the context of YouTube. YouTube is responsible for paying performance royalties, not the user.

As for ContentID, videos are not blocked, rather they are monetized on behalf of the copyrighted material owner. The process to clear claims and thus get rid of this third-party monetization, is really easy and straightforward. ContentID services, such as AdRev and Identifyy, have a dedicated page where you can provide the video URL and the Envato license. The claim is usually cleared within hours.

Though it may be counter intuitive, it’s actually safer for you and your clients to used ContentID registered music, as there’s a simple and known process to quickly clear claims. Unregistered music is unprotected and may thus have fell prey to scammers, in which case you won’t be able to clear the claim as long as the genuine author has not regain ownership of their assets (which can be a lengthy ordeal).

If the box is checked, then only PRO music is show :man_shrugging:

Thank you for that insight! I wouldn’t have thought that the process is so easy. Great to know :slight_smile:

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Just like @PurpleFog said. Even if some track is not registered in PRO and/or CID at this moment, it can be registered anytime in the future. It is a normal thing in the music industry.