Envato Elements - feedback




I wish there was an exact category for Envato elements, so I could give you some feedback in a right place.
Maybee, I am wrong and there is one, if so please link me I’d be very thankful.

As most of us, I am a very busy human. I have finally found some time to get back on track with the newest design trends. I systematically follow new items appearing in ThemeForest wp category and I have subscribed to before mentioned “elements”.

Because the search engine provided in that zone leaves much to be desired when I finally find something interesting I try to get it right away. It is very time-consuming to browse through pages with photos, graphic designs etc. Every time I get in I end up with plenty of opened browser tabs and bookmarked links stored in folders on my pc drive because there is no useful filtering…

Do you think it’s made on purpose?

After wasting a lot of time researching I try to download fast what can be helpful for my projects and I just got an unpleasant email recently with an accusation of using a bot or some kind of scripts or trying to gather files for the after-subscription future… what makes me feel like worst than a thief…

I’d like to ask other customers if you had tried elements and had similar feelings about it or problems with checking if the desired files even exist in there?

Cheer for everybody and thumbs up for Envato builders it is the best resources market anyway :wink: