Envato Elements Down

Hi All,

Envato elements seems to be down, has beenfor the last 10 mins or so…
Any news on this and when it is likely to be fixed?

Getting this error mssg whenever I try to access the site…

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I got no problems, i can see it.

Yeah… its working now…
don’t you just hate it when you post that you have a problem somewhere and as soon as you post it the problem has sorted itself out


It can happen, sometimes servers need a gentle (slap) restart or there’s an internal update being applied! You’re lucky to see that 404, we rarely get a glimpse at it! :grin:

It’s down again.

I can’t download anything at all, always from error 404. Frustrating.

can’t download anything, just get file can’t be found message - eta to fix?

Same here… can’t download anything Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 1.10.11 PM

Hi folks,

There was an issue with Elements downloads a few minutes ago. That issue should be sorted now, but please reply if you’re still experiencing problems!