Envato Elements Button


Left & right sides of the website is still empty. Can you add Envato Elements banners to those sides, too?



Yes the new button link in every category… will drop the sales in half atleast I guess…


It’s awful news for the marketplace. In all places, Envato encourages users to join with Envato Elements. This is obvious that users prefer to join Elements to access all items with a one-time payment and low price.

So I think it is better to change the marketplace to Envato Elements completely!!! :unamused:

I’ve been designing websites for years and used to buy about 30 WordPress themes a year. Then I joined the Envato Elements and just used it, even by using the low-quality themes!

So, it is obvious that marketplace sales will drop by Envato Elements with advertising it anywhere!

I want to laugh and cry the same time :joy: :joy: :joy:

Will they close the marketplace ?

I don’t know.

Currently, Elements is seeding from the market but I have string intentions that Envato will open direct upload to Elements soon.