envato elements banned me

I was having trouble making payment and I use envato elements for my job, it’s very necessary to me as a video editor, I tried multiple credit cards none of them worked and PayPal is not supported in my country and I had no other choice but to run a VPN and get 7 days subscription trial, but envato was very upset about that and decided to block me from even legitlemitly subscribing, at the end I figured out why i was having trouble making payment and it’s because for some reason envato shadow banned me and didn’t accept any credit cards associated with my ip address, I knew that because I let my sister who lives in another home to subscribe to me and it worked, after she subscribed she gave me the email and password and I tried using the account and it worked for an hour and now envato canceled the subscription and blocked me and blocked my sister, I tried contacting the support team but they are not helpfull I have no bad intentions just let me pay to my subscription I don’t ask anything else and sorry for being angry because I tried to contact the support team many many times they don’t even reply to me please help me please, right now if I try to go to envato elements it says : We’re sorry.

Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on getting it fixed.

I beg you envato please unblacklist my ip please

That happened because account was in short time accessed from multiple IPs in short time, and as they need to protect their platform and authors as well, they blocked access. Support normally responds once they get to your ticket in their ticket system, but every time you reply it sends your ticket end of the queue. They are also experiencing a high volume of enquiries, as notification shows in Elements Help Center, therefore their response time could be up to 5 days. Other than that, it is weekend, so they will reply between Monday and Friday, just don’t reply to that ticket again as it will go back and you will wait longer.

I’ve been having this problem for more than a month now, and it’s been more than 2 weeks since I sent my last email to the support team so it’s not a queue or weekend issue, I just want them to unblock me or unblacklist me and let me subscribe thank you for the reply, and it doesn’t make sense to block an account if it’s been accessed from 2 IPs and not at the same time my sister only subscribed and didn’t open the account at all

this is my last support ticket if you want to check it out : 3008286 they didn’t reply to me at all it’s been 9 days I want you guys to let me subscribe from my pc so I don’t subscribe from another IP to risk getting blocked and canceled again

I am just author, not staff so that ticket only support team can see and reply. Unfortunately nothing we can do.
They always reply, just depends on amount of tickets. When they say 5 days, they means 5 working days, Monday to Friday, now depending when ticket was opened, when Saturdays and Sundays get in, that could add up to 9, and there was Halloween as well so you will surely get their reply Monday or Tuesday latest.

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I sent many emails and this was the last one they will just never reply to me, thank you so much for trying to help me

I’ve been experiencing the same,

My first account got subscribed and paid the first month for $33. Shorthly after I logged in from another computer, it logged me out and had the same issue.

I contacted the team and they said they regret giving me further explanation. At least please refund my money as I have not been able to use my account, not even for an hour…

I then opened a new account, I was about to pay but, again, same issue…

I am not getting any replies from the team. Can you please get in touch to help to solve the issue? Thank you