Envato Elements Annual Refund

Hello, allow me to explain my situation here. So I’m starting up my YouTube channel pretty soon so I was trying to find a good source for Transitions and effects for Ae and Pr, and I came across this, and I saw the $16 a month plan, and first impressions were “Oooh not too shabby” so I went to do it, put in my paypal, and for some reason I went full tunnel vision and did not know that it would do the whole annual purchase at once. Thought it would stay at $16 a month till the year was up, I know, very stupid of me. All I ask is a refund for the annual, and I’m not mad at y’all, it literally just came down to me being an idiot. I’m looking to still purchase themes but it just comes down to my bank account. But yes please get back to this, I really just can’t afford to give up the $200 at once like that. Please and thank you for whomever is reading.
p.s. I also put a ticket in for support, so I can provide a # if you need, along with my receipt .

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The forum can’t do anything about your refund, but since you submitted a support ticket, you just need to wait for a response. As long as you haven’t downloaded anything with your subscription then you’ll likely have no problem getting a refund.

alright thank you

You aren’t the only one, same thing happened to me. Seems intentional misdirection.

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That’s really unfortunate, it’s just been draining my good vibes the whole day.

Same here. I’ve purchased probably 100k in software in the last 20 years online and have never, ever made such a mistake.

I don’t think the correct amount was posted on the website until after I paid via paypal. I would have noticed it.

Yeah exactly, only warning I got is that it would be $198 in total for the year, but since it said $16/m all across the board, I thought that was what I would be given.

Exactly! Very sketchy. Please post when your issue is resolved, if / when you’ve gotten a refund.

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Will do :+1:

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Just to update, they got back to be not long ago with an update and set me up for a refund. So, not the worst amount of time to pass in the world, but it shouldn’t have happened.

A canceled new account that’s unused should be able to get refunded much faster. Making the yearly selected should also not be the default. And, the ticket systems awful, which is ironic for a company that sells software. Ticket systems have standards that have been in play for many years, one being a login to see tickets entered and respond.

Only companies I’ve dealt with in the past who wanted to thwart customers complaining or asking for support have used these types of systems that don’t offer verification of a ticket entered, or responding to one via a web based interface. A very poor move for Envato to make.

Likewise making it difficult to find a way to enter a ticket in or get support is also a very poor choice to make and does not reflect well on professionalism, something a site selling software should be exceeding at.

That said, so long as my refund goes through soon, I’ll sign up for the monthly option instead.

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Sounds good, that was also my decision if I got the refund, Ill pay monthly, just can’t afford it all at once lol. But yeah the ticket system needs some work.