Envato Elements Annual Refund. Need help!

Hello! I have a problem: I accidentally (not clearly how it happened) bought a one-year subscription, instead of becoming an author. I thought I was buying the right to share my music. But in the end I bought a subscription - the ability to download unlimited and so on. But even in this case, I clicked MONTHLY subscription, not annual. How can I get a refund? The amount is very large - 192 dollars. Help me please! My ticket number is 1408781.


My opinion is getting touch with Envato Element Customer Support
They would like to assist you with an official answer.


I need help. I also fell under the deceptive advertising of envato.
I thought i was buying subscription to envato which hosts envato markets.

I have not downloaded or seen any items, after i came to know i have paid
for something which i don’t want, i have cancelled my subscription.

I have written to envato help/customer center.

I want a refund, please help.

Wait a bit and they will probably respond if so you’ll have to contact HR’s