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I’m little bit testing EE affiliate system and have one question: Is it allowed to make EE affiliate links over GraphicRiver, CodeCanyon…? Just to put ref links in description html.

Basicaly it is win-win situation for all. :slight_smile:

Anybody from Envato stuff?

So, don’t you think that we already have enough SPAM for ELEMENTS, in marketplaces? ELEMENTS on top of each marketplace + ELEMENTS on bottom of the each marketplace + at ALL pages including authors’ own items’ pages…

  • Anayway, as far as I know, Affiliate links do NOT work from the marketplaces (which makes sense, for sure).

Because it’s the main purpose of being an affiliate ; bringing NEW customers to marketplaces, not those who are already in marketplaces.

Do Elements have an affiliate program already? What’s the commission if it’s up.


I know that affiliate link don’t work from marketplaces but this combination is specific because both markets are Envato owned.

My idea is - if I have ~500 visits daily on my items on GR and CC to try to convert them to subscribers on Elements. And earn something of course. LIke Envato do with their banner.
Maybe my banners will work better then their banners. :wink:


Yes, thay have. It is still in beta.
Comissions are 20$ per subscriber + 15$ if he continue subscription in next month.

No ; it doesn’t work like that.
We have enough spam :wink:

@CreativeForm So max is $20+$15=$35? No commissions after two months? I mean no recurring revenue as long as he stays subscribed?

No. Just first two months.

Apologies for the delay in replying, in future if you have any urgent queries you’re best off emailing market.affiliates@envato.com, this sent directly to each member of the affiliate team.

When you say ‘over’ GraphicRiver etc what do you mean by this, can you provide some examples please.
Envato Affiliate team

Hi @emile_b,

I mean to put banners for Elements in GraphicRiver presentation of my items.
Like “Download all our item for just 29$”.

Everybody wining.
EE get new subscriber.
I get commission + possibilitie to earn extra if he download my items from EE.
Buyer get thousands of items for 29$. :wink:

So is it allowed to test it little bit? :slight_smile:

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