Envato Elements advertised itself while buying some stuff from market. Now I'am having problems with my boss about the lost amount!


I was browsing some Market items. I’ve came across some stuff that might come in handy about our projects so I requested some grant. Envato elements advertised itself so I tought its a subscription like the other stock sites.

Turns out they are whole different markets and now we spent the amount on annual because we tought its gonna be a more economic way.

The thing is, dollar is really high in our country and now I’m having problems with my boss over here. There is job to be done but he wont allow me to get extra grant. Ticket number is “1374672”. Please help me with a refund! I’ll directly buy the other stuff and get back to working. Lost 2 days because of this foul advertisement about elements!


Sorry about your troubles, you are not the first customer being confused about this. Did you open a help ticket? If not here is the direct link: https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000012446

If you have not downloaded anything yet from Elements, you should get your subscription cancelled and refund as soon as they get back to you.

Good luck!

Thanks, yes I’ve opened a ticket about it.

Thanks for the info, sure I did not download anything yet. I already cancelled my subscription but it will continue 364 more days it says. So I surely won’t download anything in the meantime.

Regards :slight_smile:

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