Envato Element withdrawal to Payoneer

hi @unlockdesign

I am planning to change my envato element withdrawal method from Paypal to Payoneer

is there any author using the payoneer method for payout Envato Elements ?

and whether next month july earnings will arrive in my Payoneer account ??


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Get in touch with envato elements help center they would like to assist you to change your payment method.


ok thanks for the information

Are you from Indonesia?? I was reading the news and came across news that Indonesia has banned Paypal, this will cause trouble for Indonesian authors who use Paypal.

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yes, i’m from indonesia …
Therefore, I am planning to migrate to Payoneer for the payout method on Envato Elements

I usually withdraw funds using paypal … when I got this news, it was quite confusing to me

Hopefully all this can be recovered


Only if you had made the exchange to Payoneer by the 15th of July otherwise it’s unlikely

@RedMoodStudio For Envato Elements upto 15 Aug, you can migrate, keep some buffer and migrate within 1st week of August,

For Videohive Market place migrate it within next 4 hours,
Videohive payout will happen whatever account is authorised on the last day of the month


Thanks @charlie4282
how about this

he changed payment method on July 5th to earn last month (June)

In honestly @pxlzero is right and my dates are confused - sorry

Either way it’s best that you contact support and get their answers as only they can confirm it

@StrokeVorkz yup… very useful information

@charlie4282 yes i better contact support and get their answer

thanks all

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I’m also from Indonesia, sir, I’m also confused about the PayPal ban in Indonesia, I also have plans to change the distribution to Payonner, just for Payoner, it’s still in the verification process.

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@andipapatonk yes brother … hope all this goes well

@RedMoodStudio Aamiin siap bro

Lalu langkah apa selain migrasi ke payoneer, apakah efisien bila kita selalu mengganti dns server saat membuka paypal? Karena saya dengar bisa dengar cara seperti itu bila kita tidak pindah ke platform lain, tapi saya sendiri belum mencobanya. Salam kenal mas

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