Envato element Refund

Yesterday I sent a ticket bu not have no answer yet () .

I made a mistake to sign the subscription. I thought that in elements were included all the wordpress times present on themeforest but it does not. in fact, yesterday I wanted to buy a theme named contentberg (it cost only $ 59) https://themeforest.net/item/contentberg-blog-content-marketing-theme/22634637?s_rank=1 and I thought that I acquire it from the subscription of evnvato element but this theme (and many others of my interest)are not included in the subscription.

So I do not know what to do with this subscription. As you can from my account I have not downloaded anything.
For me it is completely useless

I want a refund of Envato elements, I I bought yesterday.

Yesterday I sent you two emails to support without an answer.


please wait for their reply hope will solved your issue soon no worry about that.
also do not share any ticket id, license key any of personal info at here.


first please wait for their reply and once you have received and still you are not satisfied then please contact support

Hello I basically did the same thing as this customer I purchased elements accidentally. I thought it included the WP themes and it didnt, I also got the elements full year as opposed to the monthly sub. I want to cancel and refund as I have not used or downloaded anything. I have sent a request email through your support page with no response.

please help?