Envato Element asset usage query



Hi everyone,

I have confusion of using envato element asset for Template design that will sold on themeforest.

Do we allowed to use assets like photos, vectors, icons, Actions from elements to use in template demo?

however as a policy we will make sure to not provide it as download item (images/assets are not part of download) and place a just link (credits) from where buyer can purchase it.

Is it possible?
( i saw few on themeforest using asset of elements with credit mention and not providing it with download files)
Help me to make clear idea.



Anybody having idea about this query or its a big question at all?


Anything you buy on Envato can be used in the marketing materials for your item, including thumbnails, demo sites and preview videos. You just can’t include them in the download. There are a few exceptions to that, but that always requires permission from the author.


Hi spacestockFootage,

Thank you for you kind attention,
These seems like difficult, did you mean “I buy subscription and ask each every author for their item to use in template with credit mention and clarify them to not provide theirs item on download files” right?.
if author deny then subscription charge is will be at loss.

Help me to get clear idea please.
I really like some assets (specially illustration/icons) to include in demostration of my wp template, but this permission and other stuff is not clear for me.


Permission if you include the item in a download. No permission required if you don’t.


Hey thats cool, are you sure, I can use it just for demo purpose?
I really don’t want to share in download, but I just want to display good demo.
Of-course no one like their item to re-sale at single price.