"Envato desktop sales notifications" does not work

Hi guys! I use the API keys and my nickname (as usual), in Google extension “Envato desktop sales notifications” . But nothing works. Has anyone encountered this problem?

Maybe you have not sold anything so that is why it is not working.


That´s what happen to me. :smiley:

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No :slight_smile: When I press save options, in the lower right corner the balance and black bag should jump out, and when the computer is turned on and there was a sale, it should automatically appear and emit a sound, but this does not happen. Yesterday everything worked fine.

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I tried to change API keys, but this also did not help …

It works for me. One sale some minutes ago.


Finally it worked, with the tenth attempt. I spent almost an hour. I do not know what was the cause of the problem, but she decided on her own !!! Hooray! :smiley:

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