Envato Design Team: How do you get feedback on designs?

Hey there! I’m Suzi from the Design Team here at Envato! :wave:

As a team, we’re always trying to find ways to grow and improve how we work with each other and those around us. Recently we have started looking at how to better improve the way we give and receive feedback on designs to our peers, so that it’s as efficient and as constructive as it can be!

When working with a client or designing new items for market, how do you like to receive feedback on your work and how do you tend to provide feedback to others? We’d love to know what works for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Suzi, what are we talking about pls? is this about hard rejections?

Hi there!

It’s more so generally when you’re creating content for Market or a client outside of Market or even for a personal project.

When asking for feedback from other creators or maybe team members or colleagues, are there possibly types of reviewing programs you might use to receive feedback, do you document feedback in a particular way, do you prefer face to face communication vs. online?

Everyone has their own preferences and what works best for them. We would just like to better understand this particular process a little better :slight_smile:

hi i personally do not see what is the interest … we should better be asked what we think about many things going on here …