Envato deleting comments

I am wondering why is Envato deleting comments from the comments section for the second time?

I am asking an author some pre sales questions so I can compare it to a theme I have already bought. In my question its polite and does not break terms of service, I have no reason to be. Any it has been deleted for the second time.

My concern is because Envato are so strict on refunds we are advised to research before we purchase which is what I am doing? If you are deleting comments how do you expect to follow your advice if it cannot be done?

Bloggers/press would have an absolute field day if they witnessed this. Envato sort it out, there are some users out there asking legit questions before they are buying!!

While most authors will do their best in answering pre-sales questions, they are not under obligation to do so. In your case, you are asking an author to comment on the differences of a competitive product. I’m sure you can understand why the author would not want to have discussions around comparing competitive items on his product’s item comments.

You are welcome to use the contact form on the author’s profile page for private discussion. Thanks!

I have had the same problem! I have commented twice about an issue with a theme I am thinking of purchasing, I have mentioned the fact the the menu does not appear to work on a touch screen device (iPad) and asked if it is possible this will be fixed in a future update. The comment sits there for about 12 hours and then its hidden waiting review or something then just vanishes! Its not a nasty comment and I believe to be a legitimate question. So WHO is deleting the comments ?!?!?!

They author may prefer to use the contact from on their profile page for any pre-sale questions. Please try using that. Thanks!