Envato : Declining Cards

Hello Envato,

After countless calls to my bank and opening support tickets on the support sections, only to get automated email about changing my payment method I am making my appeal over the forums in hopes I will get the help.

First a little background. I recently started of opening my company with some partners, i planned everything ahead of time. I decided on a domain name, and Avada theme to go with it. Time was of the essence. So i bought my domain, privacy etc. But when i try to make payments for the Avada theme it keeps giving me error:

Payment unsuccessful - there was a problem processing your credit card.
For security reasons we may need you to re-enter your Visa or MasterCard details before trying again, or you may need to try an alternative payment method.

After opening a few support ticket, i was told to contact my banks for international payments (even though i bought and many other things for many company online the same day). My bank said my card was active for online payments and that there was no issue, blockage or any kind of limitation.

I opened another support ticket to get the same response, this time asking me try PayPal but PayPal doesn’t accept Pakistani credit cards so i am not able to use PayPal to make the payments either. So my only options are direct payment.

So i paid my bank a visit and talked to a floor supervisor there who looked extensively into my records and told me that there isn’t a single declined charge history on my card, he said Envato isn’t trying to charge my card, leaving us to only one conclusion.

Envato is blocking Pakistani IP’s or Credit cards so we are not able to complete our purchase. I appeal to you to please open up Pakistani IP’s purchase. This is seriously affecting my business plans and on my relationship with my Partners.

I am willing to do anything, i can even do direct Electronic Funds Transfer to your account, if it gets the job done.

I hope my issue gets resolved as this is creating a huge hassle for me at this point in my life.

Unfortunately no one on the forums will be able to help with this and you need to continue to share info with support https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new