Envato Customer Support -- Inexistent!!!

I purchased Bridge theme, downloaded it, when I went to Register theme I got “Purchase Code Invalid”. When I went back to re-download the purchase license in PDF format and double-check the info, unable to log in, account locked, no Downloads available.

Sent 3 messages to Cust Support, Was told it was solved. After 1.5 days, still not solved. Contacted Quode Interactive.
This is my first experience with Envato, and it’s not a good one so far.
Am out the $, and lost 2 days. Will contact my bank next, and then post bad reviews everywhere I can. At this point am angry at the horrible service, just want my $ back. Is this a common issue to not be able to log into account and purchase codes not working?

It sounds like your account is locked. You’ll need to contact Envato Support to fix that before you can access your purchase code. Qode, the author of the theme, cannot help you until you have a working account.

If you already opened a ticket with Envato, don’t open more. They’re a bit slow and generally won’t reply in just two days, especially after a weekend. Don’t send multiple tickets – duplicates will be closed, and you may receive a “solved” email when that happens, even though your first ticket is still in queue.