Envato Contract

Hello …

My local bank ask me to give them the contract between me ( Author ) and Envato Marketplace …
Is there a contract between us and where is it ?


Same here…

There isn’t such thing. What bank is that? Banks usually do not ask this. The state (financial institutions like IRS in USA, ANAF in Romania, etc) require things like this when they ask for taxes.

Here is it, it’s like the terms for being an author on Google Play for instance:

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Is there any PDF file or something I can download proves that I am an Author on Envato market?

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You can use a browser addon to generate a pdf from that page, here it is:
themeforest.net-Author Terms ThemeForest.pdf (66.5 KB)

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Why would you need to prove that?


It is just the bank Policy , This what I can’t understand

Thanks People for help

But It doesn’t have my name on it…

Not all banks are like US banks mate. :smiley:

They request a proof that the money you get is from Envato and that you working and an author on Envato.

I need it for work papers too.