Envato Community Health Survey (FY19) - closing August 7


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Hello! I wanted to know if I could receive an email when the project was sold? If there is no such function, I would like the Envato team to add the function of sending messages by e-mail after the sale of each project.


Probably not the best topic for this question @spakse.

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As i know there are two versions of badges - one for big size - and one for small size. (got this answer from envato team - so don’t worry)
eg : you can see exclusive badge is little bit different in profile and badges page. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation @Muse-Master :wink:

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Done. I like the survey






Hi @EZCode :slight_smile:

There are two versions of all our badge images - the full-sized one is shown on the forums, and on Marketplace pages like this one: https://themeforest.net/community/badges

The mini version (shown in your screenshot) is displayed on item listings, and on your Market portfolio and profile pages.

Huge thanks to all who have completed the survey so far! We’re up to 1700 responses, so we’ve tripled the number of responses we had last December. All badges will be assigned in bulk after the survey closes, and I’ll be sharing a results summary as soon as I’ve had some time to analyse the data.


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