Envato Community Health Badge 2020 Has Not Arrived Yet

I have filled our the Envato community health survey. It was told by Envato that they will give the Community Health Badge on early January. But still I don’t got any Community Health Badge yet. When will it arrive?

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You will be notified when you get one on your account. Be patient

You can check this:

Hi @mgscoder,
I have created this topic after checking this notice. Here Envato told that, it’ll come on early January & it’s now early January. Why don’t they give this badge yet for the new Community Health Survey participants? How long does it take?

Hi, there in the thread you will see the following:
as that team currently has a lot of high-priority work to complete before the Christmas/New Year closure.

I’ll (BenLeong) update this thread once I (BenLeong) know more details about the badges…

Please keep patience, hope they will start the badge giving process as quickly they can.

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Question about the badge for participating in the Envato Community Health Survey (2020), when do we get them?

Thanks for the badge :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @BenLeong

Today morning received the Community Health Budge :innocent: :innocent:

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I’m waiting also :grinning:

I am the one who hasn’t received a badge only? @BenLeong :frowning: