Envato Community 2021 T-shirt contest - now open!

Nice idea, great design! :+1:

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good job @TEDstudio. will be better if you set your design on both black and white t-shirt.

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Yes, I wish I had the 2021 Tee <3

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Good luck


Hi @TEDstudio please don’t create multiple post. you must have to use a single post and you are free to update the post with your design update. So, delete other posts except the first one and edit the first post to update your design. Thanks


Hi everyone
my product is here of 2021 T-shirts:


It has been a successful work. Health in your hands

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Thank you so much @Enessound !

Best regards.

Quick question.
what Envato do you with T-shirt design after the contest is over?
is there have any website that we can order the goods with the Envato logo?

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Q: 1

We want you to create a T-shirt for the Envato Community! We’ll be using the winning design for contest prizes throughout the year, and we will also be giving T-shirts to our moderators as a small thank-you gift for their hard work and dedication.

Q: 2 No!

Thanks for your answer.
one more thing ,is okay if someone uses the winner design or Envato logo for a custom T-shirt for their own use purpose.

If you want you can try that but that will not official.

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Hi @codeixer!

The winning design will be printed on T-shirts that we use as prizes throughout the year - we’ll be running community contests through these forums. The first contest is the one in this thread, where we’ll be sending the first batch of shirts to the winners and some other participants :slight_smile:

There currently isn’t any way to purchase Envato gear - either our official logo, or designs from the last few years of community contests. I’m hoping to get one set up in future (backdated to include items from previous contests), but haven’t been able to get one approved so far. I’ll let you know if that changes!

I would ask that the winning design is only used for the official Community Contest shirts, though - please don’t use the JPGs posted here to print your own. I’d like to ensure that the shirts are exclusive to contest winners during the year, and that they are all consistently high in quality - we have them printed from vector images submitted by the winner, which may differ slightly to the ones posted in this thread.


Nice design! Good luck for your design

Amazing work! :slight_smile: GL @TANZEEL_MEHMOOD

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thankyou… :black_heart:

good job @TANZEEL_MEHMOOD, design on black t-shirt missing

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Hello everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is my design :wink:


Wow, this is awesome design! Good luck for you :slight_smile:

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