Envato Community 2019 T-shirt contest - winners now announced!



How I wish I’ll win this contest because right now that $500 will go a long way in my life. :pray:


Good luck to all the participants


You won’t get either, This year winner design T-shirt design will be the one which you may get


I will



Hey, I was wondering where i am supposed to post my entry… You have mentioned " * All entries must be posted to our official contest thread between the dates stipulated in the official contest announcement." but I am new here and I don’t really understand where that thread is or what that’s referring to. Is it this contest announcement page?


Hey @Enigmatic_Hero,

you have to post your t-shirt design at here! how wold you make a comment here ?like that!
Cause this is the t-shirt design contest thread.

Again you can start from here
http://prntscr.com/m73hiq post your design like a comment.

let me know any other question ?

Hope you understand



Hi @Enigmatic_Hero - welcome to the forums!

@unlockdesign is correct - just post your entry in this thread :slight_smile:

The contest only opened last week, so we don’t have any entries yet - based on previous events, the first few are likely to come in during the next week, and most of them will arrive in a big rush over the last few days of the contest.


yeay, another contest, i hope i can participate again in this contest.


Yay, great contest! We will join! :wink:


Because it’s likely that they want to keep their ideas for the last minutes :wink:


Another contest :ok_hand::ok_hand:Good luck to the contestants. Hope the best man wins


Good luck mate


That is good news for all
Just submit my first artwork,
Thank you.

T-Shirt Concept : Envato Butterfly
Designer : Mack Chan (Hong Kong)


Hey, Thank You for your help. I am new here so your Reply really helped me out.


Hey, Thank you for your help. I will be posting during the few days as well. That is only if I get the time to finish the tshirt design on time.


Great contest.


Well done :slight_smile:


@Mack_Studio First entry! Nice work :slight_smile:

@cyzer We’re going to keep the gold badges as exclusive as possible, but I’ll look into whether we can introduce a “finalist” badge for shortlisted entries.

@Novocaina Vector is preferred, as it means we can easily scale this up or down and repurpose it for use in other formats. We’re planning to use the design on T-shirts, but we also want to keep out options open :slight_smile:


Awesome contest :slight_smile:


Great work :slight_smile: