Envato Community 2019 T-shirt contest - winners now announced!



Woohoo this one is very Nice <3


I edited the design. Thank you for your comment


Awesome. Good luck @rautanstudio


ok ok that badge looks awesome I want it.

I know I’m not gonna win because there are a few great ones already, but I gave it a try… I hope to end up in the 10 lucky people who will get the badge! :zap: Good luck to you fellas :zap:

p.s. my girlfriend helped with ideas so I put her in the pic maybe you find her she’s the only one with glasses :smiley:


Glad to present my print. Great contest, great community :+1:


Sorry, I will removed my other design “heart” thanks.


Awesome design! Hope you will get the badge. Good luck :slight_smile:


cool, nice bro. great work om…


thanks bro!


Great job :slight_smile:


Great job mate:)


Wow, Amazing, this is a very good illustration and smooth detailing. keep it up rautanstudio:+1:


Nice Line art :grinning:


Love the Color and the idea:smiley:




Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello everyone.
I’m IN. here is my design for this contest. I hope you everyone’s enjoy it. All the best for all participants. have a nice day. Thank you envato. :+1::+1:
~MotionFox :fox_face:


nice one brother, wish you all the best. cheers…!!! :+1::+1: :slight_smile:


nicely done friend. I think I saw your girlfriend with red spectacles :wink: am I right? anyway I wish you all the best…!!! cheers…!!! :+1::blush: