Envato commission fee ?

Hello !

I noticed that I got some commission fee on my bank account even tho I subscribed to a premium subscription…

Is that normal ?

Thanks !

What commission fee and what premium subscription? Envato don’t offer a premium subscription and they don’t charge commission.

Hello, on my bank account it says *COM CB INT Envato
And got -4,03

You should contact support about that.

Though what “premium subscription” are you talking about?

My bad I just took the student subscription, I thought premium and subscription were two words that goes together sorry, still learning english !

Thanks for the answers !

Premium subscription is a thing for some companies, but Envato doesn’t have anything with that name. Regardless, you should contact support about that charge that you’re not sure about.

Hi! I had the same thing, it’s my bank charging me 3€ beacause I am in France so it’s a fee to switch from € to $. I hope it will help.
Have a nice day!