Envato closing services combiing with dreamhost-- Wrong dns setting

We were instructed in the past when you guys were switching us over to use cloudflare and cname flattening. This was due to the fact you were switching us over to Dream host. Now we have received an email from Dreamhost that you are going to terminate services as of today and we have the wrong records and could lose our site.

Please can you help us avoid such reality. our site is www.keg-tek.com

I enclose screen shot of cloudflare account

This is what they said in their email:
Hello there!

You might have noticed a few emails from us over the past few months, but we haven’t heard back from you, and it looks like you’re still using outdated DNS settings!

As you may recall, DreamHost acquired Envato’s hosting services last year, and we want to make sure to get you squared away so your site stays online!

Currently, it looks like your domain keg-tek.com is still not pointing your DreamHost web server (this is happening because you manage your DNS with a third party provider and have set up your actual DNS records manually).

You’ll need to update the ‘root’ A record (some providers refer to this as the ‘@’ record) and the ‘www’ A record to the following IP:

Envato will be turning their services off for good at the end of this month, which means your site will go down if you are still pointed to Envato’s web server!

If you’re not sure how or where to do that or if you have any concerns, please reply back and we’ll be happy to help get you pointed in the right direction!


Anthony S

DreamHost Support