Envato closing for new items?

It has been a month since there is no place for new items on category pages and now from the month of April there are no new items in many categories. Is this the sign that envato is closing down for new items? It seems that they are happy to sell best rated items from 2012.

In the past envato was different from rest of the market places where you can find new items everyday. But now just like other markets their staff concentrating only on selling old items. Elements is the result of their frustration where they are offering 21000 items for just $21. I guess envato is loosing itself from their competitors thats why they are following them and the latest downfall in sales is the result of their frustration. They are doing too many things wrong.

I read in one of the forum post that this is temporary but temporary tests doesn’t last that long, so I guess its the end of new items on envato. If anyone has any news or information about it please do share.


Which categories don’t have new items? Flyers is the same as normal, a huge stream of new items every day. Anyway, if they were closing for new items the forums would be filled with authors saying their work had been rejected, or their item was in the queue for weeks…


Hi @loveishkalsi. We’re definitely still approving new items on all marketplaces! The GraphicRiver review team has been approving a huge number of new items.

You’re probably seeing a different default sorting order for those category pages - check the drop-down at the top of the list, to see if it shows “trending”, “top sellers” or something other than the standard default of “New items.” If you load the same category page in a different browser, you’re likely to see a different sorting order.

There’s an A/B test currently in progress (more details here) that should be wrapping up shortly - those tests run until a certain quota of page view / session data is reached, and then they automatically revert to the regular view.

I agree. Definitely in logo template collection the new items always got rejections without any objective reason. I’m absolutely sure in incompetence of review team or it’s new envato indications to slow down uploads. I didn’t see at least 5-6 days new logo templates, it’s just ridiculous.

Now I can see the new items as default and new approved items as well. :slight_smile: