Envato close my subscription

Envato decided to close my account with a monthly subscription with only 16 days of use, can someone help me and what to do?


Elements Support is the right team to help you.


Hi thanks, what can happen to close my subscription and all my information was deleted, I can not see the billing history, download, nothing, nothing exists in my account it some like had just been opened, I am very desapoint about this

this is public forum. here we can just send you to the right track so that you can get support. for account related issues please contact elements support they will be happy to check it for you. Thanks

I already did that, it takes up to 10 days to respond to the current situation, there is no chat either, a phone number, I never thought I felt helpless here, now I have to ask friends to help me download files unnecessarily … thanks anyway

support team will reply as quickly they can. for weekend, current global pandemic and large volume of open tickets can cause delay upto 10 days. Thanks for your patience