Envato Censoring Buyer Reviews is a clear violation of the European Consumer Rights.

I’ve recently purchased a theme from the marketplace, and albeit the theme claiming certain things are functional they proved not to be.

I’ve submitted a review based on these claim which as a consumer i have every right to do so. Once review was submitted the developer contacted me asked me to remove the review. I did not do so, they then proceeded to send me an email claiming that their livelihood was at stake cause of the review.

Finally at the end they accept that their theme was broken and told me they would fix it, however this fix never materialized.

Now, instead of reaching out to the paying customer Envato went and protected the seller by removing a legitimate review from the actually theme and further prevented me from posting other reviews of the theme.

This is regarded to as malpractice in the European Consumer Law, and as a consumer every single one of you whom have come up against such issue have every right to forward the case to the European Consumer Right Commission and you should do so.

As this censoring needs to stop. If you can take our money you can’t silence us.


Reviews that are removed are done via our Rating and Review policy and would be against one of our guidelines -https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207651633-Rating-or-Review-Removal-Policy-

We double and triple checked and none of the violate your rating and review policy they are based on developers claims in their very own support documentation.

You can’t make up these things just cause the developer puts pressure on you. They should be carefully studied and based on the comments submitted on the theme page the very same issues we faced where widespread and developer did little to help.

Envato and the developers should realise that we the buyers are the reasons this place exists in the first place, without us there would be no you. So you can’t justify the removal of a just review by making up excuses without providing concrete evidence on how the review has violated the Rating and Review Policy.

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There’s definitely something strange going on with reviews on Envato. Check this thread out… It’s about a theme that was abandoned and the bad reviews have been mysteriously disappearing…

Most consumers consult online reviews before entering a contractual relation. Online reviews are written feedback or a rating left by consumers on a good or service they have experienced. Online review mechanisms are designed and controlled by online platforms. From a legal perspective, online reviews can be perceived as pre-contractual information: they tackle information asymmetries between businesses and consumers and they shape consumers’ contractual will. The online platform should refrain from deleting reviews from customers whom have purchased the goods.

Envato seems to be more concerned at protecting the developers rather than the consumer, however in EU it’s a whole different ball game. As a consumer you have every right to point out flaws of a purchased product.

So basically what they are doing is a blatant violation of the European law that came into effect on the 22nd of May 2022, and this malpractice has to be brought to their attention cause it will keep happening.