Envato Care Pack doesn't Receive

Hello Mates,
Hope you are all well.
Can any one tell me, after how much time envato care pack receive?
Its been more than 70 days passed but I didn’t even receive any confirmation yet. I have created support ticket thrice but didn’t get single response except automated response. Is that normal? Is that envato doesn’t respond to this type of queries?


Hello, @scriptsbundle,
I also haven’t heard from Envato since I’ve got my 8th paw in the beginning of April.
I didn’t send any support tickets, just sit and wait but nothing happens )

Same here, since March.

Hey mates,
Got author support team reply.
They are saying we process care packs in bulk so it will take some more weeks. They will contact with us shortly.
Hope to get it with in this month :slight_smile:

Finally received our 1st care pack
Its Awesome.
Thank @envato