Envato, can you make Support Vacation status more prominent?

I’ve recently been on a short trip (week long vacation) and set the support vacation feature for the duration of the trip. Still I received a lot of support emails and none of the people emailing noticed that I was not available.

I’ve tried to set my out of office but the support emails are all send from the Envato platform so the out of office is not sent (or I might be stuffing something up here).

Some options:

  • Show bright colored away bar above message entry box on support and comments page.
  • Show an alert popover indicating away status before submitting a message.
  • When sending a support mail from Envato send an automated response indicating the author is on vacation.

Anyone got any other ideas or tips on how to handle this?

That would be a great idea, but the fact that you add you’re on vacation won’t stop buyers from contacting you. Maybe the saw it and they mailed you just so you have their request for when you’re back. I personally never used the vacation feature. Always got my mail with me wherever I go and I take the time to answer any message. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I do that to at the moment but sometimes I also like to get my mind of of work.

The mailing itself is not the problem, the fact that they are unaware of the situation is. If they know, they will probably still mail but they will expect a delayed response time. If I know they know, I can just snooze the message till when I’m back from my trip. :slight_smile:

I asked every single one of them (10 to 15 messages) and none were aware of this status, so I think it should be a bit more prominent :slight_smile:

Any ideas on setting out of office replies for Envato support messages?

That’s actually interesting! @KingDog @matthewcoxy, what do you guys think? :slight_smile:

Any updates?

@Enabled any updates on this?

Having an autoreply from Envato would be nice. So when you leave a comment or send a support message you get an email from Envato (just as with support) that your message has been received but the author is currently on vacation.

… nope … nothing new mate…

Thanks, that’s a shame :slight_smile:

As you can see, hundreds upon hundreds of authors are complaining and no one cares, why do you think they would care about our opinion mate? It’s pointless… sorry mate, but this is how things are working around here lately. Everyone is asking and complaining, and no one is doing anything about it! …

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It’s really sad to hear this from elite author and community member like you :cry:

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For a platform generating this amount of revenue you’d expect features and improvements to be implemented in a faster pace (especially features that don’t relate to sales funnel). I love building products and currently Envato is the only place I can sell them in numbers but I detest the black box that this platform is.

That said, I have to commend support for always responding fast to issues and always being helpful.