Envato can help us making this world a better place.


Hi there,

it’s pretty clear that AudioJungle is currently one of the biggest music libraries so far, it’s well trusted by authors and customers.

We musicians can promote and champion a better culture, a right culture, by using licensed softwares at all time. Envato could help us by encouraging authors who can provide evidence of their product license with bonuses of some kind (e.g. more exposure, or a better deal).

Please bear in mind that I am neither criticizing nor judgind anybody, I love using samples and I stand for those who create/market them.

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Modern society / modern culture built on norms, morals and values to which we are raised on dictate the path, us as individuals, care to take. Using software, in this instance, through illegal acquisition is a sad instance of how individuals are prepared to exploit the work of others for their own gain. Principles and integrity are learnt and followed allowing for a richer and more rewarding life experience. Those who choose to deviate from expected norms and values make an individual choice.
I am sure your post is well intentioned however I do not think it is Envato’s responsibility and therefore we should not expect any monetary or exposure reward for simply doing the right thing.


So… rewards for not stealing? Thereby assuming most people are stealing. That’s a strange way of looking at things.

No. That won’t happen.


I totally agree with all previous mentions. But what do you mean by "using samples is kind of stealing?"
I payed good money when I bought my DAW which included 40 gigs of library samples, and I often use some of them when I’m not able to record these instruments (let’s say brass sections).
is that stealing?
I guess you refer to pirate software and ready Construction Kits from some companies…