Envato Author Dashboard - updates and feature discussion

Hi @BenLeong,

I meant that I miss the old way of checking the previous month’s balance. Now, this possibility is removed completely. I compare statements with my excel file and I see the differences, then after a few days I get another file “bonus correction”. So I had to download 2 junk files twice just to check what kind of numbers are there (even after all it does not match with my excel).

The only way to be sure what you earning is to put everything on your own in an excel file every day. And if you’ll forget to do this on the last days of the month (before it resets into the new month) you can drop all those calculations right into the bin, because mostly it won’t be accurate (even with provided statements).

Is that so hard to implement? I’m attaching it again. One click Bang! and you can open info about previous months’ income in no time. I meant “Whole month” not daily trends.


Hi, is anyone else has the same issue?
I can’t access dashboard?

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It is fixed now.

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