Envato Author Dashboard - updates and feature discussion

I still have no faith in new dashboard calculations. My earnings dropped 50%, that amount of drop never happened since I join EE. I cannot have fight with Envato, they have full rights to provide whatever amount they like to share with us. But I will still demand a cross-check on calculations that does not feels accurate.

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That’s exactly what i was going to talk about.
I have a huuuuuge drop in earnings since the first date when calculations started on the new dashboard. And just as you said, this never happened before…
I was expecting higher earnings this month after adding good new items ( which normally happens since 3+ years )
I don’t think this is just a coincidence. This is very disappointing to me.


It would be nice, when highlighting the blue bar, to add another table with information “How many times this product was downloaded during this period” or several products. Thank you, looking forward to updates and improvements!


How do check last month’s income in one piece?
Statements are completely confusing. How to check last month’s monthly income? If i set it by dates it just changes the chart, but doesn’t affect the numbers under it!


why i can’t access my dashboard?
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Hi @RikoSaptoD. https://author.envato.com/reports is only available to current Elements authors, at the moment - do you have a different account that you use to sell on Elements?

@bokstas Do you mean the “total earnings” section? I’ll check with the Author Earnings team, but I think that’s intended to show a lifetime total for Elements/Content Bonus/Market.

The PDF earnings statements give the most official total amounts, but the subscriber share model means there’s a delay in finalising those (we need every subscriber who licensed content during a month to complete their full month’s Elements usage) - so the most recent statements show April’s incentives payments, and item earnings up until February.

I hadn’t seen that signout 404 error before - I’ve just passed that on to the team, and they’re investigating it now.

EDIT: The 404 error should be fixed now, with the correct redirect link in place.

Hi! Where can i download March 2022 Earnings Statements (Elements)? Here for February 2022 only:

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Hi Ben,

@benLeong I meant that statement titles are too long and confusing. Plus it was way easier to access it in the previous dashboard version with one click and it opens everything in a simple way, now there is just plain text, every time you need to download something just to lookup.

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BenLong, I am one of the authors. Why can’t I access the dashboard (Upload file, Earning Report, etc.)

Envato confuses me, Username and Password can’t be used, if I have to sign in with a Google account. it makes us work 2x just to login to your site.

Pada tanggal Sen, 9 Mei 2022 pukul 13.09 BenLeong via Envato Forums <notifications@envato.discoursemail.com> menulis:

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@RikoSaptoD Thanks for clarifying! I had been looking for an Elements account under your forum username.

I’ll check with our Auth/Identity team, as they manage the systems used to log in. I’ve just been able to check your dashboard, so I’ll let you know what they have to say about signing in with Envato SSO details instead of a Google account.


@RikoSaptoD For now, visiting the link shown above in red font (https://account.envato.com/google/authenticate?to=elements_contributors) and signing in with Google should let you access the author dashboard.

Our developers are aware of the confusing UX issues with the Contributors App sign-in, and a more permanent fix is on the way.