Envato are not able to maintain their platforms, really bad customer service, unstable marketplace

Hello, I would like to share my dissatisfaction with Envato from the last year.

First, I want to let you know that the issues described here are not for the account I am writing this topic from. Mentioned account can’t even log in to this forum. It is connected to Google and when I click “Login” from above, it redirects me to “Continue as …” and then I have the “Login” button again.
I have two accounts - this one that I no longer use and one company account that I use to which it refers this article. The company account is not an author and was created only to purchase from Elements, Codecanyon and Themeforest.

Of course, I have tried many times to contact technical support. Two weeks later, my subscription is running out, and I still can’t use it the way I want to. All we get are automatic answers that have nothing to do with my problem after 4-5 days of waiting.

After I login into (by Google) Elements I have “Log in” button again. I can access my account settings however. Of course tried different browsers, computers, devices, etc…

All I want to achieve is to recover my password, which no longer works (it is correct, because is it stored in the browser and I am sure that is the password) and access my account without logging in with a Google account. It’s just that it’s all a mess and the platform that sells the most code in the world hasn’t done the integration (Log in with Google) properly at all. On top of that, there is no one to help you when you need help.

Of course, I tried more than 10 times to receive an email for a forgotten password, which I never arrived, to remove the Google account from the account, and then log in with the password stored in the browser.

After my first request for help (sent from the email I use to log in to Envato and waiting an incredible amount of time to respond), I received a long response that required me to verify that I own the account. The email required me a bunch of information that would take me a long time to find (what I last bought, the payment transaction number, the last 4 digits of my card, etc.)

After I told Envato Support, that this is no sense, because I am writing from the email used for the account and the information they required is just wast of time and 3-4 days after they answered me, that they sent an email for recovering the password. And guess what - the email never arrived. And my company email is hosted in GSuite, we don’t have any problems at all with it and receiving email.

Since then, I am receiving just automatic responses, not related to my case. And every response comes after 4-5 days.
Its just a shame to sell code, to have that big marketplace and to be unable to provide a basic support for a basic account function that works even in the worst sites.

So, my subscription is almost over, I am unable to use it, nobody is able to support me and I am leaving Envato, disappointed.

Let me repeat - it’s just a shame…

Hello! Would you have a ticket number I can check out? I only see one old ticket under your user name.


2742690 - it is marked as “resolved” :wink:

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Thanks! Just a reminder that each time you reply to a ticket it will bump it back in the queue which could be causing some of the delays. It’s not a great system but it’s what Zendesk does :man_shrugging:

As a user who pays a monthly subscription and his subscription expires completely while the support is responding (with useless messages), this explanation does not particularly concern me.
Knowing that there is a problem, just hire more staff or if you can not maintain the platform do not charge for it.
P.S. - First email from the forum arrived (only for this reply), and it was in the Spam folder.

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I don’t know if this reply will help you with the issues, but here it goes -

  1. Best advice I can give for any login to any website, is to always login with your email and password, and avoid linking it into Google, Facebook or any other social media platform. I know quite often most websites offer this as what they perceive to be a better option, but in your case, it clearly demonstrates this is not always the case.

  2. How can I disconnect my Google account?

You can disconnect your Google account by using the “Disconnect Google Account” button available in account.envato.com.

To disconnect your Google account:

a. Log in to account.envato.com
b. Select the “Disconnect Google Account”
c. Confirm and click “Submit”
d. Completing the password reset instructions sent to your email

Once complete, you can use your username/email address and password to log in to your Envato account.

  1. Don’t store your passwords on the browsers - it just can cause issues more than this is worth.

  2. Any company this size should provide adequate staff cover to resolve issues within an acceptable time - 4 to 5 days is not acceptable.

"We now have 3 offices around the world, employ over 600 people and serve over 2 million customers."

Basically the ratio if you had all 2 million people contacting you would equate to 1 staff member dealing with 3000 plus customers so hardly surprising you might be waiting a while :wink:


Update from Envato staff from today (4 days after my last reply):

“We’ve been having issues by sending the reset password emails to private domains, if you are not getting the reset password email we can try to update the email address on the account to a public domain like hotmail or gmail, it will also need to be with no attachment to another Envato account.”

For me - this is not a solution…
So, let me repeat again - it’s a BIG shame