Envato API token key generated not accepted

Hi, I’ve generated a new API key for my Avada theme.
Installing on same domain as where my Avada licensed product is now.
Cannot do direct upgrade since current version is too old and something in the theme is damaged, so need to urgently replace with new version.
New theme cannot be registered.
Do I need to somewhere unregister current version?
Why would it not accept a key created from my own account?

Thanks for any help


This is documentation to generate token
Follow these steps to fetch your API Key:

  1. Go to https://build.envato.com/create-token/.
  2. Choose a token name.
  3. In the permissions list below, make sure to check ‘View and search Envato sites’ and ‘View your Envato Account username’.
  4. Then, click Create Token .

Generate your token from here


How to Register Your Avada theme Purchase Via Token Key:

Thanks for the help. Much appreciated!