Envato API ticketing helpdesk system - 2019 update

Hello community! Our first thread!

My question is regarding helpdesk support. I have read every topic regarding support system for Envato customers. Some great suggestions and I have tested so far:

Support Hub

Ticksy and Support Hub are decent products and I had fun setting it up, but at the end they both missed some crucial visual and functional features.

Helpscout is excellent in every way except that it is somewhat complicated to connect with Envato as we plan to provide support and knowledge base only to paid customers so if someone gets hold of out support emails I am not sure how can we restrict them.

I had experience in past with Zendesk and Kayako, but never used them as part of the Envato API. Let me know your experiences.

You can also have a look at ticketing systems (for customer support) in the PHP scripts category on CodeCanyon. They already have support to integrate Envato purchases&support easily and some of them are highly customizable and incredibly reliable.

Hello Hevada. Thank you for the fast response. I did looks at few of them and to be honest none come close to the existing SaaS solutions. Maybe I am wrong please do share if you had experience with ticketing systems themes/plugins.

Hello Enso-themes.
Now there are many support systems. But all work for comfort of developer.
We changed the approach to support and developed a ticket system that is convenient for both a developer and a client. This’s called Ticketrilla.
The client gets support without leaving his site and the developer gets a powerful platform with easily complemented functionality.
The matter is simple. Ticketrilla consists of 2 plugins that connected directly with each other.
The client’s plugin is absolutely free and is in the official catalog of the WordPress, and the developer’s plugin costs only $35. This price for support systems is very low. Addons cost $10 each. We have released the addon to support of Envato licenses and will soon release an addon for response templates and an translator-addon.
So, the work of the support system does not depend on third side, does not require monthly payments and works stably and safely for all participants.
The functionality is not very wide yet, but we are constantly working on it and are releasing addons.

Sounds great. I am bit worried about forcing client to install plugin in order to receive support. Clients prefer replying directly from their email client (or of course chat if its available). This is the vibe I got from 10+ years of customer support. However, there could be a target group for this one.

Hello :slight_smile:

The client plugin can be integrated into your theme and installed with TGM. The client will install and configure the plugin in 1 minute. He just should press few buttons.
Convenience for client cannot be compared with e-mail or any other options. You can test it on our demo-servers:
for developer: https://server-demo.ticketrilla.com
for clients: https://client-demo.ticketrilla.com

Recommended testing procedure:

  1. to create a ticket from the client’s server
  2. to find a ticket on the developer’s server
  3. to reply to the client, to request server information and user registration
  4. to look responses on the client’s server, to response, to close the ticket and to re-open

If you want, I can record a video with instructions for both sides (developer and client).
If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact directly.

We create plugin free themes. So this solution is not for us. I will follow up in future.

It sounds good. We will release a free version for Ticketrilla: Server (developer plugin) without any addons in the official Wordpress catalog in the coming month. You can use this.

Have a nice day!)

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